A home is one of your most important investments - and a home inspection is a vital step in the process of buying or selling. Home inspections help buyers 1) discover current and future defects in a home that may be extremely costly and 2) educate themselves about the inner-workings of the home and how to properly maintain it.  


Our goal is to provide our clients with as much information as possible to aid informed decision-making, especially in situations where a large investment must be decided upon in a small timeframe. For this reason, we prefer you attend the inspection to look at any issues found first-hand, allowing us to address all of your questions thoroughly.


Both full home and single-item inspections are available. Inspection times vary from 2.5 - 5+ hours, depending on the property. A full inspection report will be emailed on the same day - included in this report is a 400 page encyclopedia for reference and future homeowner education. 


We pride ourselves in providing high quality, informative inspections. Our service doesn't end when we step off the property; call with questions anytime to get a non-biased point of view.


Items inspected


   Foundations, bearing beams, wall framing, floor framing, roof framing, crawl spaces, columns, concrete, firewalls, moisture indicators


   Grading, drainage, siding, windows, doors, paint, electric, plumbing, sidewalks, driveways, slabs, decks, caulking, flashings, facia, garage, masonry, vegetation


   Roof covering, flashings, chimneys, ventilation, skylights, gutters, downspouts, walk roof surface (if safe), access attic (if accessible)


   Main supply, supply lines, drains, sinks, tubs, faucets, water heaters (CO testing), whirlpools, sumps, vents


   Panels and sub-panels, branch wiring, receptacles, switches, lights, meters, overhead wires, grounding, GFCI'S and ACFI'S devices, smoke detectors

Heating and air conditioning:

   Check heat exchanger if accessible (CO testing), check for gas leaks, general condition, air exchangers, ducts, vents, filters, A.C. compressor (weather permitting), draft, boilers, burners, clearance to combustibles, condesation, controls, flue, blower


   Water staining, cracking, setting, windows, doors,walls, ceilings, floors, electric, plumbing, floor coverings, garage door openings, guardrails, handrails


   Appliances, vapor retarders, ventilation, insulation, fireplaces, wood and gas (CO testing), cabinets, counter tops